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"Pass It On And Feel Good. " 1

I love this community. Remember the time when items used to be repaired? Well I like to take things that need a little love and attention and restore them to serviceability, especially tools, which are a passion of mine. I also pass on items to others, thus completing the circle, reducing waste and doing my bit to change the throwaway culture. Paul.
2 days ago on Bristol Freegle #7595

"I love it here! " 2

I love this community and the spirit that goes round. I have given out a few items and received too! Myself and my family have benefited from household furniture and suitacases when we needed them most. I have also been opportune to bless people with a gas calor heater, TV stand, bed frames and mattresses. What a family to belong to!
4 days ago on Liverpool Recycle #7583

"I love second-hand." 7

What's not to love about second-hand items - especially free ones? I grew up in a large, poor family in the '60s. From as early as I can remember we never turned down a cast-off or a hand me down. We foraged for fruit and nuts etc and we could never go past a skip or dumped items without having a good look and/or a rummage. Sounds grim doesn't it but honestly it wasn't. Life was like one huge treasure hunt - and it still is. I hate to throw good stuff away. I love to rummage in boxes and bags at car-boots, and no-one has ever or could ever offend me by offering me a bag of cast of clothes or anything leftover or unwanted. And as for skips - well I still can't walk past one without having a good look although these days I always make sure I knock on the door and ask permission before I dive in and rummage.
4 days ago on Taunton Freegle #7556

"I'm an unemployed artist making art with what I've been given" 5

I'm Tim in SW London, an artist and I have been on Universal Credit for 3 years, so decided to go back to fine art which I was first trained in.. I recently started my own business selling my work during COVID-19 (yes rather challenging these days! I was planning exhibitions this year using some of the items I have gotten which had to be cancelled) and have been taking part in Sky Arts Portrait of the Week, Inktober and other online events. I have received art materials from people on Freegle and other places, such as an easel, acrylic paint and oil sets including the canvas board I used to create the oil self-portrait below, along with the easel, frames, and most recently hardboard which I am recycling for my oil paintings. And a laser printer so I can print my invoices and letters. As well as portraits I do landscapes, plein-air paintings - usually around nature and trees, my 'Dead Tree' series although they're not all dead! So recycling, ecology and reuse is an important part of my work. All of this is due to the wonderful people here...really has helped when money was short, and I use these items regularly in my work. I love the idea of using free things and helping save the planet too - let me know if you have any other art materials going, always need more! I have given as well - my old inkjet printer and unused cartridges to a happy home, and have a few other things I will give away probably when the lockdown is lifted. When I moved over three years ago I actually had to donate a lot of my stuff as I couldn't move it all - including an easel, so was happy to get another in return!
4 days ago on Kingston upon Thames Freegle #7565

"Grate for the environment. " 3

I joined a couple of years ago because I think I was looking for something I needed at the time & didn't have the money to buy new at the time. Since then I've picked up something things that have been of use to me, like picture frames, & I've picked up some videos & DVDs along the way. I've also managed to re home some things that I needed to clear out. I've posted a king size mattress & my rabbits old cage (My rabbit passed way), & they have both been rehomed to other people. Using this site is a grate way to get things re used rather than them ending up on land fill or making a mess is someone's back lain.
4 days ago on North Tyneside Freegle #7568

"One man meat is another mans poison." 3

It is amazing what people want to give away. I have given lots away but I am always looking for things I want but can not afford. I have been so lucky this week, two lots of seedlings for my patio and cables for my iPad. It has brought me so much pleasure and I have shared the seedlings with others. It is about sharing and not being a throw away society. It is shameful to throw things away that others can make use of. I have even collected items for other people who cannot go and fetch them. I love you freegle.
4 days ago on Brighton - GreenCycle Sussex #7571

"Gave two items away today."

Gave two mice for computers. Glad to pass them on, I did not need them. Hope they useful for the person I gave them to.
4 days ago on Haywards Heath Freegle #7577

"Setting up pub from scratch" 4

As some of you already know Adam and I opened The Nine Pins Saltwell (was aka Park View Inn) as the managers back in December, we started to move in upstairs and everything was going in the right direction then just 14wks later BANG...lockdown in March hit us. We quickly transformed into a food takeaway and bakery over night to try and help our locals and keep the business going. Our Boss (a publican from Manchester) sent us an email out of blue telling us he had handed in his notice for the pub which was 1day, panic set in as we had both gave up the security of employment to become self employed managers, but luckily we got a phone call from the brewery regional manager the same day offering us the tenancy which we accepted. Only problem is now our ex boss has emptied the pub even the ice cream tubs used for storage. We aren’t eligible for the governments grant as our ex boss already received it and with funds being tight we are asking if anyone can help us out with anything they can think of, empty ice cream tubs, large pans, gastro tins, Hoover, buckets, wine coolers etc etc. We are avid crafters and love to upcycle, recycle ♻️ where we can, I even made a bedside table using an old pin cask (mini real ale keg) I’ll upload a photo if I can. If there is anything we can do to help anyone please get in touch. Thanks Lynn & Adam
11 day ago on Washington Freegle #7546

"Finding it hard" 4

Over the last few years I have given quite a lot away. It's a great feeling helping people and avoiding scrapping decent stuff. But I work in construction and if I'm honest I'm afraid to go back just yet. Social distancing is going to be hard pysically working in close teams and at sixty one I'm finding the work harder and harder. I live on a 62ft narrow boat and believe it or not I still have more stuff on board that I can use. Looking forward to posting more items to help others in the near future. Keep safe everyone.
11 day ago on Lancaster Morecambe Freegle #7549

"A mix of selfish and altruistic reasons! " 1

Essentially I want to get rid of the stuff and I can't be bothered with the hassle of selling it on eBay, but also don't want it to get wasted. If someone needs/wants it and I don't, please take it off my hands!
11 day ago on Richmond Upon Thames Freegle #7553

"Dried petals get a new life " 3

I tried loads of flower petals this summer to be used at my nephew's wedding this weekend...but they were surplus to requirements. I couldn't bear to throw them away so I freegled them. They have now gone to decorate an 80 year old's celebration dinner table (she loves roses) and two bags to a teacher at a forest school...I wonder what the children will make with them! I'm so thrilled they are going to be used a d appreciated by so many people.
12 days ago on Stroud Freegle #4845

"Life's An Adventure! " 6

We love freegling! 👍 As we're an outdoors eco conscious family. We believe in recycling & upcycling stuff 😀rather than binning it which is wastefu! I grew u on pink panther films, bagpuss, the clangers, I'm an 80s kid 😀We grow our own veg/fruit herbs. Married with 2sons. I'd like to learn how to use all our power tools. I've always wanted to try whittling, sculpting figures or Harry Potter wands out of branches or drift wood. We all love DIY & crafting. I'm a qualified seamstress/textiles. I've saved a load of tin cans from Hubby's cider etc to have a go at tin craft from a book I bought. Any advice on woodwork as I bought my 9yr old son a junior woodwork bench/saw set, it has bolsa wood & thin mdf. He'd like to go onto better wood with progressive techniques maybe marquetry? any advice on these skills welcome 👍 Regards Mrs Serena
18 days ago on Hull Freegle #7523

"Love freegle" 4

I have given various things and received really lovely things. It’s a great site to give and get things they either no longer want or want .
18 days ago on Haywards Heath Freegle #7526

"This is very short. I sometimes freegle!" 7

I have been happy to receive a number of items through freegle in the past, including a typing chair, which I then passed on to someone with more space. I gave away my keyboard because i never got on with it and hope recipient is enjoying it. I rarely throw things away unless broken irredeemably and am probably a bit of a hoarder, but perhaps my children will remember Freegle when I'm gone. Must remember to put that at bottom of my will! Please laugh! Audrey
18 days ago on Chiltern District Freegle #7535

"Useful" 4

I like to see the joy on people’s faces when they get there freebie, I know it means a lot to me when I get something I can use.
18 days ago on Hove GreenCycle #7540

"Free caravan! 5 years of holidays" 4

Some years ago when we had very little money and were unable afford a holiday, I put out a request for a caravan. To my amazement we were offered a caravan which was so fully equipped with everything we could need. It had a fridge and heating too! Plus loads of extras. Water carriers, awning and accessories inside. We used this awesome caravan for 5 years and had amazing times in it. Happy memories for my children. We even took it to Windsor so we could have a weekend at legoland. All thanks to the amazing generosity of a lovely couple ❤❤
18 days ago on Cromer and Sheringham Freegle #7543

"Always recycled " 4

I've always freegled and also an a freecycler too. I love the whole concept behind it . As it's a brilliant idea .and you aren't wasting your things either . It makes me happy when I give something I don't want to someone ago does want it ? Also I've got most of my things in my flat from here and couldn't have afforded these things otherwise . I try n always give stuff away on here and I'm always polite too . It's brilliant everyone should do it . It's good for the planet too
21 day ago on Lancaster Morecambe Freegle #191

"Keeping 'stuff' out of the hole in the ground" 10

I love Freegle. When we built a new house on our garden I gave away so many plants from the garden and then the leftover building materials on completion. I give things, I have things and it's wonderful to keep all of this stuff out of the holes in the ground. Keep up the good work. Second hand stuff should be embraced.
21 day ago on North Cotswold Freegle (Cirencester to Moreton-in-Marsh) #7499

"Foodbanks" 9

I’ve just volunteered for the food bank in the local area. I collect from the supermarket. Gave me a great idea for decluttering. Went through my larder and gave to the food bank all the stuff I really wasn’t that keen on. As long as it’s in its use by date then why not donate to your local food bank. Baskets can be found in your local supermarkets to place your donations
21 day ago on Ribble Valley Freegle #7502

"Freegle helps Gambian schools and nurseries " 13

Through Freegle I have collected baby and children’s clothes, hundreds of books especially well illustrated ones, blankets and bedding, desks, tables and chairs for schools. All this has been sent in several batches by sea container to Gambia, where people I know have distributed it to people in need. Thank you to the many donors. You know who you are and Gambians are very very grateful. The photo shows a Lamin, a deputy headmaster of a large senior secondary school with his family of nine children. He distributes to numerous nurseries and schools and to people in the area around where he lives in the town of Brikama.
21 day ago on Stroud Freegle #7505


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